BS 7950

What is BS 7950?

BS 7950 Advanced Security for Windows is the Holy Grail for window manufacturers and has never before been associated with timber sash windows.

Stringent tests have to be implemented to gain the accreditation but the end result is a certified window with the most trusted levels of security possible. 

Architects and consumers can now specify Ecotilt™ or Ecotilt-secure™. With the additional 7950 kit an Ecotilt-secure™ window system gives the best protection ever achieved by a timber sash window

BS 7950 Enhanced Security For Windows.

BS 6375-1:2004 Performance of windows. Classification for weather tightness.

BS 6375-2:1987 Performance of windows. Specification for operation and strength characteristics.

The testing process

Part A.4 Manipulation test
Objective: Establish that the window has no vulnerable areas within the overall design.

Part A.5 Glazing removal
1. Manual: Attempt to remove any beading, security or glazing from the exterior of the window using hand tools over a 3 minute period.
2. Mechanical: Assess that the glazing can withstand a prolonged load mechanically applied to the corners.

Part A.6 Mechanical loading test
Objective: To assess that the window can withstand a prolonged load mechanically applied to specific points of the window itself.

Part A.7 Manual check test
Objective: To gain entry to window manually using specific and detailed knowledge of the design.

High praise for Ecotilt

"In passing the standard with a timber sliding sash window, Mighton has in one stroke shattered the somewhat defeatist view in the industry, that timber windows are not capable of meeting today's standards.

It is very much to Mike Derham's credit that he refused to accept that it wasn't possible. He has a keen eye for innovation and design and he and his team went back to the drawing board to address the specific issues presented by this type of window.

Mighton has invested two years of research and development to manufacture what is proven to be a first-class, robust product, and Chiltern Dynamics was proud to work with the Mighton team."

Vincent Kerrigan, Deputy Technical Manager,
Chiltern International Fire and Chiltern Dynamics.

Applying for BS 7950

Manufacturers who apply successfully to the BFRC scheme with a 'B' and 'C' rated Ecotilt™ may also like to apply for BS 7950 Enhanced Security for Windows. This is only achievable with the BS 7950 kit used in Ecotilt-secure™.

Once a manufacturers Ecotilt-secure™ window is constructed it must undergo a series of stringent tests by Chiltern Dynamics to gain the BS 7950 rating.

Manufacturers can be confident that the hard work is already done, and when the Ecotilt-secure™ system is applied to specification, it will pass the test.

Mighton will guide the window manufacturer through the process that leads to accreditation by Secured By Design.


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